Connecting Aviation professionals worldwide

AVIANTURE connects aviation professionals worldwide, keeping them in touch with the industry’s latest news and offering them opportunities to network, look for opportunities and create ones, socialising with like-minded people and sharing experiences to better the aviation industry.

Our interactive Mobile App will provide the tools and means for aviation industry professionals and enthusiasts to link, connect, share and follow-up on the latest up-comings of their field.

From job search and postings to showcasing your own experience as well as your company's, highlighting the services you offer while looking for the perfect candidates to hire and customers to support; to the opportunity to socialize with fellow professionals around the world, meeting down route and sharing unforgettable moments.



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Stay in the know of the latest, most important and breaking news in aviation and airlines around the world

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Meet new people at home or down-route, connect and share your knowledge, and help make the industry safer

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Find exactly what you're looking for to grow; Post the next job aviation enthusiasts are searching for


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